Thursday, February 22, 2007

10 Ideas for Anna Nicole Smith's Corpse

Today, the fight was just resolved for where Anna Nicole Smith's final resting place would be.

How many options could there be that people would fight over?! For most people, it's a choice between being buried or cremated. Some of the slightly offbeat choices are natural cemeteries (sidenote: I am very much in favor of this one and would like it for myself), and having remains launched into space.

Here they are: 1 idea that shows I care and 9 ideas that are earning me a place in hell.

Locks of love.

Silicone implants harvested and saved for the opening of the Museum of Plastic Surgery.

Next generation Botox trials.

Brain research.

Albert Einstein's brain was donated for research in hope of gaining knowledge. I'm sure we can learn just as much, if not more with modern medical technology, from the his antithesis.

Next on the Howard Stern Show...

Used to scare Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, and Britney straight.

Corpse stuffed by a taxidermist and displayed in the Playboy Mansion.

ManBeef 2.0

1 word: eBay

The Anna Nicole Adult Puppet Show

Luckily, I'm not alone in joking about her too early. The good people (with whom I have no association) had a few ideas too:

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