Saturday, February 24, 2007

How to Resolve American Political Conflict

We need a document in addition to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution; we need a mission statement. Businesses have these all the time--they have a product line, an organizational structure, "corporate culture," etc. The US needs a similar basic philosophical premise on which to base policies.

In short, decide on social and economic principles politicians can use as guides in their decisions, like the political compass (find out where you fit in here) Let people not happy with the philosophy leave. This would greatly simplify decisions about foreign policy, wars, social programs (e.g. health care, state-managed retirement), legalization of marijuana, etc.

Since other countries don't have this, the country could be divided into four regions, based roughly on the political expectations of each region.

  • West coast: Libertarian left
  • East coast: Authoritarian left
  • South: Libertarian right
  • Midwest: Authoritarian right
Just an idea to ease political fighting. In presenting this idea, I don't promote or demote any quadrant, just the idea of putting people with similar political philosophies together so they can more effectively pursue their goals.

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Here are some competing representation of politics:

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Richard Kulisz said...

Pournelle and Nolan Charts? Ugh! Some real right-libertarian lovers out there.