Sunday, July 1, 2007

Isn't it cool? Visual effects

Apple has done some very good things for design. Recently, their switch from the rounded clamshell laptops to sleeker designs, and the sleeker design of the iPhone, shows that the novelty novelty of cool looking designs is wearing off.

Isn't this always the case? When something new come out, be it a music genre, visual effect, or construction style, people become obsessed with and blinded by the novelty, oblivious to how riddulous it is. The 80s, a decade known for excess in everything, has many YouTube clips showing this.

Isn't it cool that we've reached the point where we can use visual effects because we want to, and not to show simply them off? They're becoming more artistic and less rubber stamped.

Compare these two videos:

The effects in the Paul McCartney one are more complex technically, but they don't feel forced--effects for the sake of effects--like the second. Confusing fades, pointless zooms, and a complex title animation sequence all feel forced.

Using modern technology can be good, but use it where it's appropriate, not for the sake of using it.

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