Saturday, November 3, 2007

Reality Check

Lately, I've been looking for a new job ('bout time), and I've come across some interesting ads. Take this one:

- Amazing coder who takes no prisoners. Master of all things Internet. One of the best coders in existence.
- Learn new languages extremely fast. We use Ruby on Rails … you can pick this up quickly.
- Intensely driven and proactive person.
- Extremely hard working. This is a start-up - team members work long hours.
- Quick learner and real doer. Err on execution over strategy.
- Thrive on working with A-players. Too good to spend long hours with B-players.
- Likeable[sic] person who garners respect on and off the job.
- Thrive on chaos, risk, and uncertainty.
- Should be easy to get along with, nice, fun, smart, ethical, and low-maintenance.
- Strong desire to build a more ethical society.
- Desire to be an early employee and want to be a real owner in Rapleaf’s future.
- Want to work with extremely large datasets and build portable APIs that thousands of other companies can build applications on top of.

Seriously? You think you're going to find that? If you 25% of those qualifications, you're lucky. Requirements like this attract big egos (which the company clearly has enough of, already) and people who will apply for anything. A company with unrealistic expectations of employees probably also has unrealistic expectations for their product; they'll fail as a business in the same way they'll fail in finding the perfect applicant.

Oh, and if you think you really are that good, email, but most importantly, give them my name. They're offering a $10,007[sic] referral award[sic]. For the graphic design nazis out there, check out their logo. Who uses Arial?!