Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clinton wins Nevada... sorta

Bloomberg and other media outlets are reporting that Clinton won the Nevada primary.  When I actually read the article, it said that Clinton won the poplular vote, but Obama won one more delegete.  This wasn't even visible on the the initial view on my browser; I had to scroll down.

In the Democratic National Convention,  elected delegates (like the electoral college, only at a state level) account for 80% of the delegates.  The remainder are free to choose whichever candidate they want.  They could favor the candidate who got more popular votes, but with the number of people who won't vote for Clinton, and especially if McCain gets the GOP nomination, that would almost be a recipe for failure.

At the very least, I think it's inaccurate of media outlets to claim Clinton won without explaining the context of the victory, especially when it's almost their duty to inform.  At worst, they could be promoting an agenda, but I'll leave that to the conservatives pundits to speculate.

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