Sunday, January 13, 2008


I don't put much effort into my job (but that's another post). My manager talked to me about this (I've been looking for a new job, so this isn't a big deal). One thing he mentioned from my last evaluation was that people thought I needed to work on my turnaround time when dealing with others. Fair enough. My manager went on to say that they have more expectations out of people with more seniority, and that as low-level employees start to beat deadlines, they get promoted.

Later that day, we had a meeting. A few people were especially late. One of them is well respected. He works on lots of projects, is always busy, and would probably be a manager by now if not for his vocal threat to quit if he gets promoted. Here's the thing: as good as his reputation is, he turnaround times suck. He delayed a meeting 5 minutes for 20+ people (almost 2 man-hours), he follows up slowly on things he initiates, and he generally is slow to respond. The best part: he can keep promoting a busy, hard working image, while hurting productivity of others. Genius.

But looking back, he's doing the same thing I am. Granted, he's getting more work done (he's overextended and I'm slacking), but we're both higher levels than we should be, and in the level-adjusted ranking system we have, all that matters is the work-level relationship, not how hard one works.

I'm in no position to tell my manager this. He has immunity, and I'm in a position where what I have to say will come off as a desperate and critical, regardless of whether it's true.

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