Monday, January 28, 2008

On a personal note: cheap has a cost

After too many hours on the phone today with Sprint (not a Consumerist-style rant, I promise), I realized two things (one's relevant).

Irrelevant: when mad at a company, calm down and think things over. Doing business elsewhere can be a pain; consider keeping your current business, but think twice about future business.

Relevant: after I reached a dead end, I spent too much time frustrated and mad. I wasn't productive; I wasn't even being entertained. My dad recently started taking blood pressure medication. He's always stressed, worries easily, eats too much salt, and isn't the yoga type, so it wasn't a surprise. When I heard about the pills (and his fancy BP graph over time), I started watching stress levels and trying to relax more. Call centers don't help, and it's time my cheapskatery comes to and end. Not that my live is extravagant, but I'm going to aim for a tad more modest life instead of dealing with stress, be it from work or call centers.

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