Monday, January 14, 2008

Protecting YOU from Uncle Arnold

Word around the bogo-blogo-sphere and conservative talk radio is that California wants to regulate thermostats over the air waves. I'm a fan of lazes faire economics and libertarian ideals, so there's no need for me to rant about what you already know.

So here at the Corporate Rant, we have all the information you need to beat this system.

All you need is the defense of nutjobs everywhere: aluminum foil. Just wrap your house, thermostat, or anything in between in the stuff, and you have a shield that radio can't penetrate. If you want to test it, put your cell phone in a foil pouch and try calling it, or wrap up the electronics you're trying to steal in it.

Stock tip: DBB is a metals ETF. Whether it's an overzealous government or inflation that worries you, commodities are a good investment.

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